If you want to get the most out of Second Life there are a few tips and trick you should learn to elevate your game play to a new level.

Learn to zoom. Get a close up view of your Second Life world by holding the Alt key and clicking on the ground.

Change your field of view. Use Ctrl+8 or Ctrl+0 up to six times to see the world from a whole other angle. To switch back to normal view you simply hit Ctrl+9.

Upgrade to a paying account. Upgrading gives you the opportunity to purchase things in your Second Life such as land and clothing.

Do not sell or share your password. Selling or sharing your password violates the terms of service and could give others access to information in your first life.

Join a discussion forum. Learn from others as you play Second Life by joining a discussion group to share insider secrets.

Second Life forum

Game Spot SL forum

There are a number of websites that offer tips on different Second Life options.

Virtual Underworld has a page to show you how to change your avatar appearance cheaply, create a flying house, add personalized jewelry and change camera options.

Visit the Second life tips page for more tips while playing Second Life.