You know this test, and you are ready to show the LSAT that you can take it down. Grrrrrrrrr! Thanks to weeks of preparation and studying, you're good to go.

To help you deal with your nerves, here's some last minute advice on how to deal with the butterflies:

The night before
The test day

The night before

  • Do NOT study anymore; perhaps review a little bit just to give you some confidence, but don't take any practice tests; it'll just freak you out.

  • Do something relaxing. While we don't suggest you chug a Heiny, we would recommend that you read, watch a movie, or go out to dinner.

  • Go to sleep relatively early, and set your alarm early enough so that your brain has enough time to wake up and get moving.

  • Make yourself a bag for the exam day, full of the following necessities:

A few #2 pencils.

An eraser.

Your LSAT admission ticket (mailed to you from LSAC).

Photo identification.

A stopwatch that doesn't beep.

A snack for your short break. (Keep in mind that die to administrative junk, you could be stuck at the test center for many more than 4 hours.)

Any good luck charms that will make you feel more comfortable.

The test day

  • If you're a breakfast eater, make sure to include protein. If not, consider a light snack for energy.

  • If you must have caffeine, make sure to use the bathroom - multiple times - before the test begins.

  • Arrive at the test center at least 40 minutes EARLY - you'll need to check in, make fingerprint cards, find your appropriate room, and account for getting lost.

  • Dress is layers so that you're prepared for any classroom temperature.

  • Take deep breaths - often. After all, it's only your career.