It's amazing how many women make uninformed decisions and are later amazed when they realize that they didn't get all of the information they needed. Thus, we recommend that all women get a gynecologist if (1) you want to change your current method of birth control or (2) you are thinking about having sex for the first time. Anyone over the age of 16 should be visiting the gynecologist yearly for her regular gyno exam and pap smear anyway. You should try to visit the same doctor/nurse practitioner every time you go; this way, you will feel comfortable asking him/her questions about sex and birth control, and he/she will know your medical history (which will help him/her better prescribe and monitor your birth control methods).

Make sure you read up on the birth control method you are considering before you visit the doctor. You'll be more prepared to go over your questions/concerns with your gynecologist. You can also pick up pamphlets on various methods from your local clinic or doctor's office before you go in for your appointment. And reading this SYW was a good start too.

Most importantly, remember NOT to be embarrassed. If you're concerned about losing your sex drive, ask your doctor about it. Your gynecologist needs to know all of your needs so that he/she can help you pick the right method of birth control. You're not in fifth grade anymore, so giggling over words like "penis" and "intercourse" should be out of your system. Be open and honest, and remember that your doctor's instructions aren't bendable like the rules of Monopoly. So check in with your doctor throughout the year, make sure that all of your questions/concerns are answered, and follow those instructions.

And please be safe.