The way we see it, there are plenty of good reasons to buy singles. Sometimes the single is the only good song on the album. Sometimes a single will contain a rare B-side not found on the CD. Sometimes singles make great coasters. And you can never have too many coasters.

From '50s-rock classics to sappy '90s remakes, we present you with the Top Ten Music Singles of All Time. Happy listening.

1. SINGLES 10 - 8

10. (Everything I Do) I Do it for You

Artist: Bryan Adams
Year released: 1991
Copies sold: 8 million

This song, off the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves soundtrack, was an early '90s radio staple. With lots of mushy lyrics and Bryan Adams' trademark scratchy/sensitive voice, the tune lends itself well to awkward slow dances at weddings and proms.

9. I'm a Believer

Artist: The Monkees
Year released: 1966
Copies sold: 8 million

To all those people who say The Monkees were a talent-less group of Beatles sound-alikes put together solely for the purpose of a TV show, we say: yup. But they also did infectious, good-time pop better than most, and this tune is surely no exception.

8. Diana

Artist: Paul Anka
Year released: 1957
Copies sold: 9 million

No, this isn't about the late Princess, who wasn't even born yet when the song was released. Rather, it's a Doo-Wop classic by '50s teen idol Paul Anka, whose other hits include "Put Your Head on my Shoulder" and "Puppy Love" (written for one-time flame and former Mouseketeer Annette Funicello).