Have you gotten to work and have it suddenly dawn on you that it is your wedding anniversary? You start to sweat and worry because you don't have anything planned for your spouse or significant other. What's worse, your work schedule is so packed that you don't even have time to run out to the local florist to send a bouquet at the last minute. Settle down, because there is no need to panic. With the Internet, you can order and have flowers sent without ever leaving the comfort of your desk.


Just as if you were out shopping in your hometown, the Internet has numerous floral stores competing for your business. The first step is to find a shop that you are comfortable with and meets your needs in price, turnaround time, and selection. To start your online shopping experience, log onto one of your favorite search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. In the search box, type in "florist" or "online flowers." Once you click on the search button, your journey through the world of online shopping will commence. Below are some popular links.


This site is perfect for those on the go. You can telephone them from anywhere, and place an order for same-day flower delivery anywhere in the country.


One of the largest flower sites on the Internet, FTD's website gives you several different options to select. From baskets to bouquets, FTD has something for everyone.


Teleflora's website has lots of arrangements and bouquets to satisfy anyone's needs and budget. They have themed items for any occasion and offer them in a variety of price ranges.


Proflowers' site hosts large, colorful pictures of all sorts of arrangements to spark your imagination. What's more, they also offer gift baskets containing everything from chocolate to steaks, to stuffed animals.


Flowershop's website is organized into popular categories to simplify the process of selecting just the right bouquet for any occasion. They also offer stuffed animals and brownies to sweeten the selection.


Since most people aren't professional floral arrangers, the online floral shops make it easy for their customers by doing the arranging for them. One easy way to find the perfect floral arrangement for your needs is to shop by occasion. Shopping by occasion is a feature most online stores have that allows you to simply click on the occasion that you are buying for and they will automatically show you appropriate arrangements. For example, you can shop specifically for pre-arranged products meant specifically for anniversaries, birthdays, thank yous, get-wells, romance and congratulations. Once you click on the occasion you need, you will be automatically taken to a page showing numerous choices for you to select from.


When you are ready to make your purchase, you start by clicking on the link to be taken to the check-out. This is often symbolized by a small icon of a shopping cart. Once on the check-out page, you will start by reviewing your order to make sure everything is correct. If it is, the total cost of your order will be confirmed. Once satisfied, you will be asked to fill out a list of required information. Typically this includes providing your name and address, your billing address (if different) and the address and information regarding where the order will be delivered.


The next step is to enter your method of payment. Most sites give you options on how you want to pay. If you plan on using the online floral shop often, you may want to consider setting up an account with them. The advantage of doing this is that the online shop will keep your billing information on file so you can skip filling out the information sheet every time you place an order. If you don't feel comfortable using your credit card online, many sites will have a PayPal option, allowing you to transfer money via a secure online bank account. Another option that some stores offer is to simply send you a bill later via mail or email, allowing you to pay with a check or money order. Once you've read the privacy policy, it is only a matter of confirming your order one final time before the flowers will be on their way.


Now that your flowers are ordered and sent, you can sit back and relax. If you want to make sure the order is delivered, you can track the order's status on the store's website. Each order that you place will be given a tracking number that you can type into the tracking window to find out exactly where you shipment is and the expected time of delivery. With the convenience and ease of online flower shopping, there really is no excuse for not sending something on that special day.