The last primary component of your application will be your recommendations. Most schools ask for three letters of recommendation from people that have seen your work and know your abilities.

Who should you ask? You should definitely request a letter from your recent employers. B-schools want to see how your supervisors evaluate your work and what kind of potential for leadership they think you have. If you feel uncomfortable asking your current boss (maybe she barely speaks English, for instance), then make sure to add in an explanation of that in your application. The schools will take your particular situation into consideration in evaluating your application, so long as they know what that situation is.

As College Workshop explains, B-schools are in the business of training fast-track future corporate leadership; therefore, schools want to know in concrete terms about your leadership experience and potential. Further, they are seeking a biography that demonstrates a history of ethical behavior, a long-standing commitment to business and community, and evidence of your ability to foster a cooperative effort.

Finally, be aggressive. If you really want to go to a particular school, find friends that may have gone there, or even friends of friends. Have them send in additional recommendations for you. Show them that you'll go to the ends of the earth to get into their school.

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